Welcome to the Idaho Shao-Lin Center for Martial Arts in Boise

“Shao-Lin Kung Fu” is the original form of martial arts dating back over 1500 years! It was founded by Buddhist Monks in the Honan Province of Northern China to discipline and preserve both the mind and the body. Their self defense skills were considered so impressive that they were recognized by a Tang Dynasty Emperor as “Warrior Monks”!

Please feel free to stop by during business hours to observe any class in session!

Kung-Fu / Tai Chi / Self Defense / Self Confidence / Children & Adults


We have been teaching traditional Shao-Lin Martial Arts in Boise for over twenty five years. Our classes introduce students of all fitness levels to the traditional regimen of practice perfected and preserved for generations by the monks of the Shao-Lin Temple.

We offer two types of programs for adults. Our traditional Kung Fu program is a classical approach to martial arts training. In these classes, you will be training in all the classical methods of “Shao-Lin” which incorporate the best of Chinese martial arts: Northern Fist, Southern First, Hua Mountain Fist, Animal Styles, and all internal styles of training, along with all of the classical Chinese weapons! Check out the Kung Fu page for more information and to check our class times.

Tai Chi Ch’uan and Nei Kung classes are for those individuals with a strong interest in the traditional internal methods of Kung Fu. Our Tai Chi/Internal Arts program is extremely comprehensive with training techniques that date back thousands of years. Please visit the Tai Chi page for a complete schedule of class times and to get a glimpse into this program.


The Idaho Shao-Lin Centers in Boise and Caldwell are part of a network of martial art schools from across the country that are certified by the Grandmaster of Shao-Lin, Sin Kwang The’, to teach the art of Shao-Lin-Do.

Our goal is to empower people with the proper tools and knowledge to be more responsible for the direction of their own health and fitness. As intended, this is the “Way of Shao-Lin”.

We are a centrally located, full time facility that offers authentic “Shao-Lin” training and conditioning to both adults and children. Please check our schedule page for a list of class times.

Please feel free to stop by during business hours to observe any class in session.