Are you looking for an activity that your child can engage in that will move their bodies, and challenge their minds? Then our Kids Shao-Lin Kung Fu program is for you.

At Idaho Shao-Lin, we introduce young students to the classical practices of Shao-Lin Kung Fu, using training methods designed to be challenging and fun at the same time.

Our goal is to guide young students into becoming healthy, attentive, responsible martial artists. At the same time we focus on helping to develop our young students into socially aware and accountable human beings. All of this while learning to exercise, and the importance of taking care of their bodies to live a long and healthy lifestyle.

The instructors at Idaho Shao-Lin take pride in knowing that they are passing down this time honored tradition to the next generation.

The Kids Kung-Fu program at Idaho Shao-Lin is open to students age 5 – 12. We break this down into two classes. Class 1 is for students age 5 to 7. Class 2 is for students age 8 to 12.