Traditional Kung Fu training is designed to turn your body into a well-functioning machine. The movements, training, and techniques are meant to stay with you for your entire life. You will be training for a lifetime of health, happiness, confidence, and self-defense.Jill receiving her advancement certificate

Our roots stay true to the Shao-Lin Temple tradition as an art of survival and not of sport. Our training system spans over 2000 years of development that incorporates the best fighting systems the world has ever seen. With over 100 different fighting styles that include many different aspects of Internal and External systems, as well as traditional weapons training.

Variety and diversity are the keys to complete balance when it comes to skill as well as health, fitness, and mental acuity. It’s through these methods, that we take our bodies to a level of skill and balance that few other forms of training seem to do. This approach to training is what made the Shao-Lin Monks’ fighting skills legendary.Paula going through one of the the bird forma

As a student of our Kung Fu program, you will be introduced to all facets of Shao-Lin training through our systematized methods. As you progress through the ranks, you will be taught a variety of techniques and skills coming from many of our different styles. Training in our empty hand and animal styles are paramount when it comes to developing good self-defence skills. Practicing with traditional Chinese weapons takes our bodies to a higher level of maneuverability and coordination, adding to our over all knowledge of self-defense and combat.

As students continue to progress through our program, mandatory training takes you into the internal methods of Tai Chi Ch’uan, Pa Kua Chang, and Hsing-I Ch’uan. As we combine these methods with Chi Kung and Nei Kung training, your level of skill, ability, fitness and health is endless.

You determine the pace at which you wish to advance. Classes are on-going, and signing up is easy. Make the commitment and start today!

New Black belts